3D Putter Lift

Model Making

With COVID-19 keeping everyone inside, golf provides an opportunity for folks to get outside. The one issue—retrieving the ball from the cup after putting. We designed and developed a product that allows players to use their putter to retrieve their golf ball, hands and germ free.

The Challenge:  Developing a product that allowed golf courses to reopen, and players to safely play without risking their health.

The Solution: A product that requires no assembly, comes in a set of 18, and courses are able to simply install on the flag. From there, players just turn the putter lift in the direction their putting, and put as normal. Once the putt has been made, players just use their putter to lift up the 3D Putter Lift, and retrieve their golf ball.

Happy Customer:   Courses can reopen, players can play safely, and golf can be enjoyed as normal!