Prototyping The Beauty in Life

A large skincare company that produces beauty products was working on a new packaging design for a new delicate lip balm. They came to us requiring rapid prototypes from 3D model drawings. 3-D Technical’s team engineered the best process for production and printed product dispensers with varying shapes and patterns for consumer tests. This initial process worked but was costly. We further re-engineered the production process by and in the end, we were able to build injection molds to produce containers with a solid dispensing area using Hapco’s STERalloy; FDA rated for skin contact. 3-D Technical was also able to laser cut a wide variety of shapes and patterns for the product dispensing mechanism. This streamlined process translated into cuts in several areas.

  1. The skincare company spent less time developing 3-D drawings.
  2. Dispenser prototypes were produced with less labor and with a less expensive material.
  3. The skincare company was able to get a wider variety of styles more quickly at a lower cost.